Posted by: planetbuzzman | March 24, 2009

Save the Environment – PlanetBuzz Search Directory and Automobile Parts for Hybrid Autos

What does Planet Buzz online directory, hybrid cars and car parts have in common? They’re both next generation, green solutions in their particular industries.

Planet Buzz is the up and coming, most state-of-the-are Internet business listing that has more than 20-million business searches. Using the PlanetBuzz business search, rather than the out-of-date Yellow Pages, is a greener way to find the local business listings you need.

Consider the natural resources it takes to create five hundred million Yellow directories (according to

•    19-million trees are harvested
•    1.6-billion pounds of paper are used in the printing process
•    7.2-million barrels of oil used in processing, not including the gas used by sales reps driving around selling ads and delivering the phone books to your doorstep
•    268,000 cubic yards of landfill are taken up by old Yellow Pages
•    3.2-billion kilowatt hours of energy are consumed

To make matters worse, many times a year, new Yellow Page directories must be re-created to include new companies and revise out-dated companies. But with, the Internet business directory, business owners can update their own business information when they need to – in real time. Think of all the trees we could save if we stopped the Yellow Pages madness!Maybe you needed to find an auto parts store close to where you live or work. In the yellow pages, you may have to flip through pages upon pages to find the auto parts store listings; then make a phone call to get specific directions. In the PlanetBuzz.comPlanet Buzz business directory, customers can quickly search by business name or in the auto parts store category to find a business, and each PlanetBuzz listing includes a map link that pinpoints the business location. Planet Buzz online search provide fresh, dynamic content – including video, photos and web links – updated in real-time. If you are green do our world a favor and use Planet Buzz the next time you want to find a company… then, tell all of the people you know!

Hybrid Auto Parts

What else can we do to help clean up the planet and reduce the countries dependence on foreign oil? Think about joining the ranks of hybrid car owners!

The predictions are hybrid car sales in North America will double over the next three years, according to R.L. Polk & Co., a leading auto industry market research firm. Hybrid sales in the America, as tracked by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), have grown from 9,367 in 2000 to 324,318 in 2007. The hybrid automobile and auto parts industries are currently moving from a fad  to main stay in the Unites States auto market.

With the approval hybrid vehicles Growing each day, a new breed of car and driver are migrating into the mainstream. Most hybrid car drivers say they bought their hybrid because of the environment as an alternative green vehicle. But for many,While some have, that tech-geek mentality and the need for speed causes them to upgrade enhance their automobile.

To indulge this niche market, car part manufactures are inventing hybrid auto parts that are all about fuel economy, increase performance and improve both torque and steering.

Hybrid car owners who want to force more mileage per gallon of gas can buy a high-tech auto part that hooks into the hybrid on board computer system to optimize gas mileage. If you are a hot-rodder type, you can lower or trick out your hybrid. And for people that like to drive a high-end car,hybrid innovative new auto parts developed for the Toyota Prius, like front and rear sway bars and a strut tower brace, give the hybrid’s handling and body rigidity for a nicer ride.

As demand continues to grow, hybrid car aficionados should be able to buy all these next generation auto parts and more at their local auto parts store. Remember, whether you’re looking for new auto parts, or used auto parts, the Planet Buzz search directory is the fastest, easiest and most green way to find the auto parts business you need.

Help save the planet and spread the word about Planet Buzz – the best business listings tool on the Planet!


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