Posted by: planetbuzzman | March 5, 2009

Planet Buzz, American Fund Raisers

From the beginning in our union’s nation’s history the rummage sale has been one of the  most popular ways of getting money for religious organizations, and not for profit organizations. In the past they have been great money makers.

Just in case you are wondering,  a bake sale is a way to make money  where baked goods such as cupcakes and cookies are sold.  A bake sale is usually held by small, not for profit organizations, such as clubs, school groups and Churches.  A bake sale most often is set up around an area of pedestrian traffic,  such as a church parking lot or at a busy intersection near a shopping center.

A rummage sale is an casual, occasionally scheduled marketplace of pre-owned household goods, typically sold by a few families, church or charitable organization to raise  money. In some communities there are predetermined days every year in which rummage  sales are established, so that people don’t have to get the required permits or collect sales tax. In some municipalities like (Beverly Hills, California) they require that the churches and organizations apply and paid for a garage sale or rummage sale permit, even with that, churches or organization can only hold their rummage sale or yard sales in the back of their homes or business.

Despite the insubstantial funds that can be made from rummage sales and bake sale, a rummage sale or bake sale is hard work. I can remember a long time ago, enlisting to contribute some baked goods and man a table for my local churches bake sale to raised money for a new daycare wing, to be added on to the church.

It cost about $50.00 for the ingredients to bake the brownies, it took us about an hour and a half to bake them and we sat at the bake sale booth for a good six hours.  The total take at my booth for the day was one hundres and fifty dollars. If you just look at the material cost I tripled my money for my church.  However, the real story is, if you take into account the labor, the time it took to bake the baked goods and the time I spent sitting at the table selling them, it was a loss.  It was a blessing that I could bring about a little money for my church but I wish I could have done more

What if there was some other way to muster up a lot of money for your Church or Non Profit Organization?

What if there was a way to earn Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars for your Church?

What if there was an organization who’s founder was strong Christian believer, who’s passion was to support Churches  around the world and help them grow and become financially independent?

There is, the organization is The Program is The Multiplied Giving Program, and the individual behind it all is Bernie Petrescue the Founder and President of PlanetBuzz, local listings that helps people find business at a local level.



  1. I took a look at the multiple giving program PlanetBuzz is offering. What a unique opportunity to be able to share such a great value to members of a church organization. I appears that everyone wins with this program – the church wins with getting fifty percent of the fees for the advertising placed my the members. The members win because for 49 dollars a year they now have a way to promote their business on the internet less expensively than ever before. Not only do the members get a professional Web presence but they also get to update their information at will any time they wish. When you look at the pricing the members get to place their professional Ad in a top featured position for 129 dollars a year the value even gets better.

    PlanetBuzz did their homework and in a time when charities and church organizations need a boost – they came to the rescue!!

    Thanks PlanetBuzz!!

  2. I know a church that recently started this program and they are doing very well with it. I think it’s great as a way of working with business supporters and letting them get a benefit from supporting the ministry/non-profit beyond tax benefits.

    I sure hope we don’t stop doing bake sales though – it might not be very profitable for the organization but what about my cookies!!!!

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