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Planet Buzz about Phone Books,Trees and What We Should Do

The most important thing you read about in the World report is economic stimulus.  Here is a positive note, according to the National Arbor Day Foundation – Trees can be a stimulus to economic development, attracting new business and tourism. Commercial retail areas are more attractive to shoppers, apartments rent more quickly, tenants stay longer, and space in a wooded setting is more valuable to sell or rent.

Forty trees remove 80 pounds of air pollutants annually.

Trees can keep us cooler in the summer and save us ten million dollars a year in energy costs. Trees also clean up air pollutants and save us millions in air pollution cleanup. Trees also can also save us millions of dollars annually in storm water runoff costs;  Four million trees save $14 million dollars in annual storm water runoff costs.

USDA Forest Service states, the planting of trees means improved water quality, resulting in less runoff and erosion. This allows more recharging of the ground water supply. Wooded areas help prevent the transport of sediment and chemicals into streams.

Here is an alarming bit of information.

We are cutting down 24 million metric tons of trees for paper production every Year. According to one estimate, the average tree weighs 680 kg, or 0.68 tons. So this means that an estimated 16.32 million trees are destroyed for paper production in the US each year.

One of the largest wasteful paper products is the phone directory. It is said that the Manhattan phonebook alone passed the 1,000,000 mark in 1921. Within five years, it grew six fold again and required a group of 500 deliverymen, more than 500 rail-car loads of paper, and 100 tons of binding glue. And that’s just in Manhattan.

In Portland, Ore., a company that produces telephone directories tipped the scales at 10.5 pounds per pair, consumed the equivalent of 49,779 trees, and could be stacked nearly 12 miles high into the air. And that’s only one of several directories that Portlanders get. On a national level, the figures become mind blowing. If we assign the not-terribly-scientific figure of three pounds to the average phonebook, then the 615 million volumes produced last year come out to 1 million tons of directories.

Some figures show that phonebooks and yellow pages make up almost ten percent of waste at the dump.

The impact would be Phenomenal if everyone stopped using phonebooks and yellow pages.

What? Stop using a phonebook! How am I suppose to find a phone number or address to my barber or beauty salon?  Not to worry, in today’s home computing, internet environment there is a green solution. I have discovered an ecologically helpful and user friendly online search directory called PlanetBuzz. With over twenty million business listings and growing every day is absolutely the best interactive business directory online.

If you are worried about our economy and our environment, one way to help is to not use and opt-out from receiving old out-dated and environmentally unfriendly phone directories.

For information on how opt-out from receiving the phone book and yellow pages call:

AT&T/Yellow Pages (formerly SBC and Bell South): 1.800.792.2665

Verizon (Idearc): 1.800.888.8448

Dex: 1.877.243.8339

Yellow Book: 1.800.373.3280 or 1.800.373.2324

To fine the best search directory on the Internet simply go to



  1. Planet Buzz is great! Anyone in business can secure an exclusive top position listing for a particular city, county, state, or even national category right now for as low as $129.00 a year! The ad comes with unlimited streaming video, a link to your website, a logo, a pdf flyer or other attached document, or more. Let’s see Yellow Pages do that!

    I am a web designer from the Tampa Bay area of Florida and I have bought the city sponsorship for St. Petersburg, Florida in the “Internet, Website, Software Development” category and I can keep it for life. I have first right or refusal every year and you can bet I am not letting that go.

    Planet Buzz recently came out of beta testing (today is February 15, 2009) and they are beginning to populate this new online business directory in advance of a major national television and print media blitz in a few months. Get your listing now while they are available. They won’t last long as it becomes known, believe me. Just think, anyone reading this post can be Number One in your category for life for as low as $129.00 a year! That is a real opportunity!!

    If you want to make a few extra bucks you can become an agent like myself and do very well. In fact, right now while the directory is still wide open you make a nice $1,249.75 commission as a Gold Agent on many state ads that will go very fast, and then get the same commission every year automatically when the advertiser renews.

    Hmmmm, I’m thinking Real Estate Agents will be a category that sells the fastest. Pizza will be another. Papa Johns already has the national position for pizza and Coldwell Banker has the national position for Real Estate Agents. Who will have the top state position in your state?

    Watch the intro video for being an agent and click the “Show me the Money” link under the video for more info. It is an exciting opportunity!

    Thank You planetbuzzman for your post and thank you for reading this!

    Rob Fowler, an Authorized Planet Buzz Agent.

    Main business:
    007 Computer Services – Web Design and Development
    Tampa Bay Area, Florida

  2. Little by little we all have to do our part in trying to preserve the natural resources of our Planet! It’s great to have a company dedicated to making a difference by providing the information we all need to take action. If we all can take a few minutes a week to take the action suggested in this article we can contribute in making something happen for the good. Kudos to Planet Buzz in investing in the talent and resources necessary to make something happen for our future generations!

  3. Planet Buzz in one of the most inovative products on the internet today. Not only does it out shine its compatition allows the small guy to get into the game. Thank You

    Planet Buzz

  4. Planet buzz is certainly one of the most exciting new internet opportunities and it has really began to change my life and the life of my family. We are involved with the company on a first line basis and expect to see a growing family of buzz agents as well as placing many advertizers. I would encourage everyone to take a serious look at this great company. I have said for years the real money is to be made on-line with legitimate business. This certainly meets that criteria.

  5. Rarely does something come along that changes your life and
    gives you an opportunity to make a difference in the business world and the lives
    of people around you that you care about. My family has really seen the blessings
    that have come financially and building a great team of buzz agents. In just a little
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  6. Right on PlanetBuzz. I am a 25 year vet of the RBOC system and for years I have been wondering when those wasteful bulky phone books would be replaced electronically. The phone companies have no interest saving trees when it effects their greedy corporate bottom line. PlanetBuzz has delivered the right product at the right time. No one out there comes close to the PlanetBuzz product. You get a cadillac product for a volkswagon price. I wish PlanetBuzz HUGE success in the directory marketplace. The product will sell itself. Save money on your advertising budget, get a better product for your money, while helping to save the environment. What a concept!

  7. I think it is crazy how much we waste on phone books with such a great tool like Planet Buzz! All the info you get out of a phone book you get at Planet Buzz, plus so much more! 4 video spots to show your product, thank your customers, or whatever else you may need. Rotating power ads to keep your business in the competition, as well as the top spot to the first in line…keeping everyone in the running and giving the little guy a chance. Everything you need to help you find what your looking for at a much more affordable price than a phone book will give, almost 10% of the cost actually. Check it out!

  8. Finally! A great tool to present to clients, when looking for a low cost advertising tool…that above all, SAVES THE ENVIRONMENT.
    This is incrediable.

    The site is easy to navigate, and the e-learning tools are great.

    Very well done, PlanetBuzz!

  9. This company definitely looks to be the up and coming way of finding what I’m looking for online. The Social Networking features these guys call “Social Buzz” are just plain awesome. Any customer can send message straight to an owner or manager if they had a great experience with the business. If the manager wants to publish reviews or even make a response they can do that too! What’s even more incredible is that they offer all these amazing features for the same price and there are no strings at all. Thanks PlanetBuzz, I’ll be using you again and again!

  10. is a great tool and saves the environment too. Low cost, better technology and social media will definately get the job done better. Save the trees!

  11. I’m so excited about the opportunity that this brings to the table. Social Media, Environmentally friendly, great prices and they really do offer more bang for businesses buck than I’ve seen anywhere else.

    Save the businesses, protect the trees!

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